Your Tuition Dollars At Work

I was going to type out a quick rant about the lack of print management (at the moment) in the library but since a picture is worth a thousand words, I figured I’d go straight to the meat of the nut:

Waste paper

Can you believe this?


That stack is what was left after I emptied out all the discard bins this morning, which I tossed into the recycling bin. Three printers, three discard bins. They are rarely empty. That stack is 9 inches tall, something in the realm of 1200 sheets of paper.

Let’s do the math. 1200 x 300 operating days per year = 360,000 wasted sheets of paper. That’s roughly 20% of all the paper we use in a year. We’ve been waiting for IT to act on the print management plan that we devised over a year ago, and I am hoping that eventually it happens. We’ll see. In the meantime, this is what our students’ tuition dollars are helping produce. I intend to show them this photo the next time one of them demands to know what his or her tuition is paying for, anyway.


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