What You Should Know Before You Come to the Library

Know why you are here. I mean in here, in this college. Why did you choose to pursue a degree as opposed to any other course of action? I would hope that the outstanding level of academic service you expected to contribute here was a factor.

Know what you are studying. Program, purpose, and plan of study. They should be second nature to you by the time you’ve attended few classes.

Know your professor’s name. Yes, I am serious. Some reserve materials are cataloged by class and professor, but not all. Knowing her name helps us find the stuff you need.

Know what’s expected of you in class. Your professor explained this to you on Day One of the semester. I hope you paid attention. If you didn’t, re-read my first question.

Know the titles and authors of the books you are expected to read. Usually, these are found on the syllabus. Coming to the Circ Desk and telling me that it’s the blue book that Prof. You Know Who uses for class doesn’t help much. If we shelved books according to color and class, it would work. We don’t.

Know whether we have those books in the library. If you don’t know offhand, give the library a call and I will look in the online catalog and tell you. If we don’t have it, I’ll find a local library that does and tell you where they are.

Know when your project is due. Your professor told you this. He probably gave at least one reminder. Don’t come in with three days to deadline and tell me you’re in a rush. Look behind you: see those students at the reading tables? They started early and they’re going to finish on time. Take the hint.

Know how to find more books. If you don’t know how to search the online catalog or subscription databases, ask, and I’ll take time to show you how. I do it for others, I’ll do it for you. But you need to take notes and remember what I show you.

Know that we believe in you.

Know that we want to help.

But please, meet us half-way.

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