Ten Things I Care About More Than The 2012 Olympics

Lara and I are heading to Vermont for two weeks on the 2nd. (I’ll post pics and tidbits to my Facebook and Twitter accounts along the way.)

My ribs hurt. That’s what happens when you try to be funny in a dark movie theater and fall into the seat the wrong way. I suffer for my art.

A senior paraprofessional here has been out for a month on medical leave. Productivity has doubled in her absence. No, I am not kidding. I wish I were.

Our RFID Tagging/Weeding/Inventory project is more than half done. We’ve weeded something like 3,000 books and tagged roughly 15,000 books. The Director is very pleased. He suggested that Emma and I write an article about the project. I’ll let you know what happens with that.

Our book budget looks like it will not be cut before the end of the year.

I have a full cart of donated books to catalog and process before I leave on Thursday.

I have a cash receipts balance sheet to finish before tomorrow.

The new RFID tagging station was successfully installed on our third Circ desk PC. Now all I have to do is get IT to make the use of the platform available for all user accounts on the PC.

I opened the library today at 9.00 as usual. The first student who walked in gave me a big smile and said “Good morning.” Just like that. Awesome.

Finally: a time delay on all broadcasts from London, NBC? Really?

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