Looking for a New Director

I’ve been away, mentally, at least.

Work has consumed pretty much every erg of mental energy I had to give, and squeezing that last few thousand words out of Book 3 of the Blockade has taken the rest, so blogging has taken the hit. It didn’t help that my editor recently introduced me to EVE Online, a sci-fi MMPORG which can be an amazing time sink.

Let’s just call it incredibly busy. (Except for the EVE parts. Okay, that’s not true . . . EVE takes a mental effort in a way that WOW or SW:TOR didn’t, but I’ll post something about that at a future date.)

There are a number of projects under way which are making us a tad nuts. The school we share shelf space with is moving away and taking their stuff with them. We have a metric ton of old reserve materials to hunt down, update, re-catalog, or delete from the ILS, as the case may be. The ILS itself is due for a major overhaul or possibly a migration to something else–I’ve taken quite a liking to the parts of OCLC Worldshare I’ve seen, for example–in the next year or two.

On top of that, we are now looking for a new library director. If you think you have the chops for the post, here is the job description that was recently posted, and you can forward your application here. (Good luck.)

I mostly just wanted to apologize for not being around more. Back to Tuesday and Thursday posts. Promise.


Wanted: MCNY Library Director

Lou Acierno, our library director, has left MCNY to pursue another opportunity at LIM College in midtown. He'll be missed and I wish him luck in his new job.

Anyway, that means that we're looking for a new director here. The job description, as it appears on the METRO Magnet and similar websites is as follows:

Director of Library Services

MCNY seeks a Director to provide innovative administrative leadership for its library and resource learning center.  The Director will work closely with the President, Deans, and faculty to improve outcomes in student learning and faculty research.  Major responsibilities include planning and managing all aspects of the library and computer learning center operations.  This includes budget management, staff supervision, operations assessment, and management of the library facilities, computer systems and other equipment.  The Director will also oversee the development and management of collections and computer resources; create and interpret library and learning center policies; and play an active role in strategic planning and College Accreditation.    The Director will provide an appropriate collection of and access to materials and resources in all formats, and ensure that hardware and up to date software for computer resource learning center are available and well-maintained.  Qualifications: Masters degree in Library/Information Science plus 5 years senior management experience as Director or Assistant Director of an academic library; experience in strategic planning; experience in media services; knowledge of academic technologies and relevant standards needed to support the library; knowledge of interactive classroom technologies and course management software (Moodle preferred); excellent presentation and communications skills; teaching experience preferred.   To apply, please send cover letter and resume to boxhr@metropolitan.edu, or to:  Metropolitan College of New York, Department of Human Resources, 431 Canal Street, New York, NY  10013.



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