Webbys, Google, and The Ultimate Computer

First of all, a major round of congratulations to FactCheck.org which has been nominated for a 2007 Webby Award (in two categories)! [APPLAUSE] They’ve made it to the finals, in fact, and the RS wishes them luck in nabbing that sucker.  For what my opinion is worth (exactly what you have paid for it), I’ve been in love with this organization since they first appeared. They truly are impartial in the dirt they uncover both from left and right wings of the political spectrum, and their analysis is consistently thorough and well-researched. For that alone they deserve to win.  If you feel compelled to help them out a bit towards said winning, go vote for them here.  If not, well, I have another question for you.

Clearly, Google now believes that it can catalog books for the Library of Congress.  Well, maybe it can.  That’s unfair–of course they canShould they, though?  That’s a different question.

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