Rumble in Da Bronx

I’m out of the office, due to the fact that SirsiDynix scheduled their annual NY Users’ group meeting for today. It’s basically a day-long schmooze fest where we (the NY Users of SirsiDynix products) get to listen to the company’s execs pitch new products and updates planned for the old ones. It’s also a chance to catch up on news form other members of the local tech services community.  Oh, and they feed us. That’s a big draw.

So, I’ll head to Fordham, and sit, and listen and ask a few questions of my own (600+ selections included in the Reporting Module and there’s still no way to break out circulation stats from a select list of ItemIDs? What’s wrong with you people?) and wonder if anyone else there is considering dropping Symphony Workflows for something a bit more  .  . . well, a bit more integrated. Like, for example, OCLC WorldShare.

See you next week.

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  1. Great meeting you at the conference! I enjoyed our lunch conversation and I am now one episode in on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I will be in the know next time we all gather. I thought the prepaid debit/library card was an interesting development, somewhat inevitable. So now libraries can offer “financial access” during class warfare, comparable to how we’ve offered “internet access” during the digital divide. I don’t see many libraries adopting the cards early, beyond universities, but down the road when we all have RFID tags debit/library cards will seem archaic .

    • Jon Frater says:

      Hi Deimosa: It was great meeting and chatting with you as well. I’m willing to give AoS some time to develop a coherent storyline as it’s clear after a few episodes that the geeks writing the show were also reading the same comics I was in the 70s. As far as library-related things so, I was less than enthusiastic about the pre-paid card option, although I can understand why it’s being deployed and can imagine a number of uses for them. My attention was held by the proliferation of cloud-based applications that Sirsi was rolling out over the next couple of years. And of course the Group Item Editor.