My Homework Over the Break

It’s December 24, which means that at midnight tonight, I will have completed 46 years on this Earth. It also means that I’m home on winter break from work until the January 1. We go back to work the 2nd and I have time to get stuff done.

Writing something down makes it real, so here’s  primitive but not exclusive list of things I need to take care of:

1. Put up Lara’s trophy shelf. She’s been asking for months, no more excuses.

2. Fix the basement toilet. The damn thing drips. We were getting ridiculously high water bills for a while, so I lifted the lid off the tank and found that some fool had arranged the feed pipe to drain directly into the overflow pipe. I fixed that, yelled at the adults in the house, and the bills immediately decrease by 60%. Trouble is that the traps are not very sturdy. They’re supposed to have a lifespan of three years but the plumber says that’s BS, I should be replacing them every year, or better yet, every six months. So that’s on the To Do list for this week.

3. Think about how to redo website, then actually get off my ass and do it. This will take longer than just one week but it needs to be thought about and done. I like my website, I think moving from Typepad to the Genesis framework and a self-hosted WordPress site has been generally beneficial but plainly, there’s more to do. This site is functional but not impressive visually, and I have tons of links from the old blog that I never placed into additional access points here. I have to change that. Beyond that, I’ve been thinking about what to do with the writing aspect of my time. But that’s for my new year’s resolution list.

4. Think about managing my double life as librarian/SF writer. Here’s the thing. I call myself a writer and I do write. The 560+ posts here are proof of that. What I don’t generally do is get paid for this work. I’d like to change that in 2013. So, I bought a copy of the 2013 Writer’s Market and will see what happens. I have a goal of selling 12 piece of writing in the coming year for actual money.

5. Finish tweaking the second book in the Blockade series, get started rewriting the third. That’s an ongoing project. Fingers are still crossed; more news (if any) as I come across it.

6. Review of Daemon by Daniel Suarez goes op for my Book a Week post on Friday.

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