Moving the Blog

As of today, I’m moving the blog to my ThirdScribe website. I won’t be taking this site down per se, but it won’t be updated. The ThirdScribe site will be, at least once a week.

If you’ve been following along with this craziness, don’t worry. I’m taking you with me. The ThirdScribe blog is functionally identical to this one. All the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and so on are still there, so if you use social media to connect with my rantings, you won’t miss a thing. I’ll just be pushing posts to those platforms from a different website. The archives are already there, both posts and comments. There are exceptional book-related resources there as well.

If you connect to my stuff by way of RSS, then just slap this new info into your feed reader:

For RSS Posts:

For RSS Comments:

I’ll still be posting about library matters, books, readers advisories, and whatever else I can think of. The truth is the ThirdScribe interface, analytics, and format are easier to use and to give me a lot more data on how people read this thing and where they come from. Rob McClellan was right to build the AddThis code directly into his platform. ShareThis never worked properly in that regard.

See you there!

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