Law Proposed to Make Children’s Sections Safer

This article, titled “Law proposed to outlaw sex offenders from children’s section of New York libraries” describes proposed legislation to outlaw paroled or released sex offenders from entering NYC public library children’s sections. It isn’t a bad idea:

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Queens Councilman Peter Vallone said the law is in an attempt to prevent what they call an underreported crime against children.
. . .
“It is common sense that we keep sexual predators away from areas where young kids congregate,” said Vallone. “Children’s rooms in libraries are really indoor playgrounds for growing minds, and our kids need every protection we can give them.”

A law banning offenders from entire libraries passed the New York state Senate but did not pass the Assembly. This time around Vallone and de Blasio singled out children’s reading rooms to get the bill to stick.
. . .
Currently offenders are banned from playgrounds and from living within 1,000 feet of a school or children’s daycare. In other states sex offenders have previously been banned from parks, beaches, pools, and even malls.

But you know what I think might be a better idea? Hiring enough children’s librarians to populate all the children’s sections in NYC libraries. Nothing sends a past (or potential) sex offender packing faster than a motivated adult with a good pair of eyes and an itch to dial 911.

Just a thought.

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