Election 2012 Part II (Electric Bugaloo)

Not to gloat, because even though my guy won, it’s nothing to gloat about. We can still do better as a country and I hope that we do. That said, a few observations about this past election cycle are in order:

A crushing amount of money went down the tubes (5.8 billion dollars of it by at least one estimate) to keep the political chess board as it was yesterday morning. This could have been spent on literally anything else. Space exploration, cancer research, libraries, education, etc. Literally anything.

Women vote. (Who knew?)

Saying anything to get elected does not work. A lot of people would have voted for Romney if he had just given any inkling of what his plans for the country were, rather than pandering to every single audience. If you must pander, figure out who you’re pandering to and stick with it.

Ayn Rand’s philosophy does not appeal to everyone.

Finally: the phrase President Barack Hussein Obama never gets old. We have four more years. Let’s not waste them engaging in pointless bullshit.


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