2013: Happy New Beer!

Over the break I discovered a use for the Costco fruit salad bowl that we basically forgot about in the midst of our Yule party two weeks ago and stuck in the freezer: sangria. Dump the frozen chunks of fruit into a bowl, then add a bottle of red, a bottle of rose, a few tablespoons of sugar, some brandy, then let sit for a while and add ginger ale. The trick is figuring out how to cart the stuff to the party we’ll take it to this evening, but that’s that sort of problem that finds a solution on its own.

Another thing to deal with: The Great Flabtacular Entity that is my waist needs to be tamed, and this is as good a time to decide on doing it as any. I need to lose 20 lbs or so over the next six months. It can be done. A combination of staying away from the crap I’ve been living on lately, portion control, not going back for seconds, and more exercise should do it. ┬áMostly staying off the garbage. I got myself a steamer a few weeks ago and steamed veggies will figure more significantly in our diet over the rest of the winter. Beyond that, some flexibility training might be in order, too.

I’ve thought a bit about how to improve this website, and most of it came down to a decision not to be so damned lazy in maintaining it. I need pages for the Home, About and Links section, and I brought over fifty or sixty links that were appended to TypeLists from the TypePad setting. The links still have value (most of them), so I need to set up pages where they can be arranged here.

Anyway, all that starts tomorrow and I go back to work on Wednesday the 2nd. The new school year will bring a host of fascinating new projects with it. More on those as they emerge.

Finally, I liked Daemon so much than I went and bought Freedom, the sequel. I’ll post a review of that this Friday for A Book a Week.

Happy New Beer!

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